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Autoclave Monitoring

Think of it as a routine checkup for your sterilizer.


The ENSURE line of Infection Control monitoring products ensures your equipment is performing at its peak. It includes a range of products that are simple, easy-to-use and help keep your patients safe.

ENSURE Incubator

  • The 10-well incubator allows you to monitor up to 5 sterilizers at one time, providing you with easy-to-read results that show whether sterility has been achieved or not.
  • The incubator has an integrated vial crusher and built-in timer for up to five different programs.

ENSURE Biological Indicators (BIs)

  • BIs are reliable and self-contained indicators for results in as little as 24 hours.
  • BIs are the only cost-effective method to ensure effective performance of your sterilizer.
  • The BIs are available in a starter kit system that consists of 25 BIs, the incubator and an easy to fill-in log.

ENSURE Bowie-Dick (BD) Test

  • The ENSURE BD test is designed for steam vacuum assisted autoclaves to ensure proper steam penetration for a confirmed sterilization process.
  • SciCan’s BD test is a unique small form factor test that is easy to use and store.
  • The BD test is available as a starter kit that contains the unique test card holder and 30 test cards.

ENSURE Chemical Indicators/Integrators

  • Type 4 and Type 5 indicators are fast and economical solutions for load monitoring.
  • Easy-to-read indicators clearly identify if an instrument load has met the expected parameters for sterilization.
  • Type 5 Integrators are the most accurate of all chemical indicators and contain a chemical ink which reacts to all three sterilization parameters (time, temperature and steam).
ENSURE monitor
ENSURE Chemical Indicators

Chemical Indicators (CI)

Biological indicators

Biological Indicators (BI)

Bowie Dick Test

Bowie Dick Test

Sterilization Monitoring Checklist

Monitoring Tools STATCLAVE G4, BRAVO STATIM 2000 5000 G4
Biological Indicator in Select Loads
External Chemical Indicator on Each Pack (Type 1)
Internal Chemical Indicator in Each Pack (Type 4 or Type 5)
Type 5 Challenge Pack in Each Load
Bowie-Dick Test in an Empty Chamber

*Users should consult local regulations, guidelines, and standards to find out the frequency of sterilization monitoring requirements.


Part Number Description
SCI134 ENSURE Type 4 CI strips 132-134°C (250 count)
SCI-T5 ENSURE Type 5 CI (100/pouch)
99-108332 ENSURE Type 6 CI strips 134°C (250 count)
SCI-25BI ENSURE BIs (25 count refill box)
SCI-100BI ENSURE BIs (100 count refill box)
SCI-BISK-120 ENSURE Sterilization Monitoring Starter Kit (25 BIs, 100 Type 5 CIs, incubator, logbook)
SCI-BINC-120 ENSURE incubator (incubator only)
SCI-BILOG ENSURE BI monitoring system logbook
SCI-BDSK134V ENSURE Bowie Dick Starter Kit, 134°C (Holder + 30 test cards)
SCI-BD134V ENSURE Bowie Dick Test Cards (30 count)
SCI-BD120 ENSURE Bowie Dick Test Cards (120 count)






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