Infection Control Solutions

for every practice.

Infection Control Solutions

for every practice.

Autoclaves, instrument washers, sterile storage, and surface disinfection innovations to optimize your instrument reprocessing.

Decontamination Solutions for compatible N95 flat-fold style Respirators Using the BRAVO™ Chamber Sterilizers

Health Canada has authorized an Interim Order (IO) during the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic for the emergency use of the BRAVO 17V or 21V 121°C Porous Wrapped Cycle for use in decontaminating compatible flat-fold style respirators (3M 1870+, 9210+ models only) up to 10 times for single‐user reuse by healthcare personnel in healthcare facilities. Learn more >
BRAVO and N95

Introducing SciCan OPTIM® 1,
our new formula – now available in Canada!

OPTIM 1 is a one-step surface cleaner & disinfectant with a fast one-minute contact time – for everything you expect from OPTIM, only faster!

Viruses. Bacteria. Fungi. Emerging viruses. Each OPTIM 1 Wipe goes a long way to disinfect a larger area than you can with competitors. Learn more >


This changes everything. Again.

Introducing the STATCLAVETM Chamber Autoclave

With the reliability you’ve come to expect from your trusted STATIM®, the STATCLAVE G4 Chamber Autoclave is designed to deliver speed, capacity, safety, and efficiency to your practice.

Don’t Get Stuck in the Steri-Center

HYDRIM® get you back chairside, quickly and safely.

HYDRIM® Compact: 6 full-size cassette capacity allows for 120 instruments turnover, in as little as 40 minutes, start to dry. HYDRIM Large: 10 full size cassette capacity allows for 200 instrument turnover, in as little as 44 minutes, start to dry.
HYDRIM Compact and HYDRIM Large

Instrument Processing with HYDRIM
Automated Instrument Washers

Ted Gray and Melissa Summerfield discuss one-direction flow instrument processing and the use of HYDRIM Automated Instrument Washers along with STATIM and Bravo autoclaves. @PDC2018