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VistaPureTM AutoFill

VistaPure Autofill

VistaPure’s patented AutoFill accessories replenish SciCan STATIM® and BRAVO autoclaves with distilled-quality water automatically — enabling truly hands-free convenience.


An efficient, reliable and maintenance free solution to fill your STATIM and Bravo autoclaves with distilled quality water – enabling hands-free convenience without the need to purchase and store distilled water.

  • No more cycle-fault errors caused by forgetting to fill reservoirs.
  • No more spills while filling autoclaves manually.
  • No more staff time spent filling autoclaves = more time with patients.
Vistapure Autofill
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Steri-Center (Vista Research Group video)

DrainHub use and connection options overview.
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Water in the Steri-Center (Vista Research Group video)

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Manufactured by: Crosstex International, Inc., a Cantel Medical Company, 1733 W. Parkside Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85027 / USA