Direct Water Filtration, Backflow Prevention & Operatory Cleaning

Powerful protection and convenience, centralized


VistaClear provides dental practices with centrally installed water filtration, backflow prevention and a method for convenient operatory cleaning—eliminating the need for dental bottles altogether! This patented system saves practices time and money while protecting dental equipment.

Cost Effective

Saves time and money

  • VistaClear’s on-demand submicron water filtration eliminates wait-time and the need for storage tanks and bottle systems.
  • The centralized, patented cleaning method makes regular waterline maintenance easier and more efficient.


Protects equipment

  • With submicron filtration and no harmful chemicals, VistaClear protects expensive handpieces and turbines from the wear-and-tear typical water supplies can inflict.
  • VistaClear filters remove virtually all microbial contaminants that often reside in city water supplies.


Part Number Description
V1000-28-HP VistaClear 8-Operatory Dental Waterline Treatment System
V1000-28-HP-10 VistaClear 10-Operatory Dental Waterline Treatment System
R9280 VistaClear HP Retrofit System
VC250-A VistaCheck Dual Check Back Flow Preventer


p/n V1000-28-HP
Operating Temperature Range 45-100°F (7.22-37.78°C)
Operating Pressure Range 30-100 psi (2.07-6.89 bar)
Optimal pH Range 6.5 – 8.5
Maximum pH Range 5.5 – 9.5
Maximum Influent Manganese 0.05 ppm
Maximum Influent Hydrogen Sulfide 0.5 ppm
Maximum Influent Chlorine / Chloramine 5 ppm
Maximum Continuous Flow Rate / Filter 0.2 gpm (0.76 Lpm)
Filter Element Service Life 12 months
Replacement Filter Kit R9720
Dimensions (W x H x D) 16" x 24" x 5-7⁄8"
Approximate Ship Weight 28 lbs.

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Manufactured by: Vista Research Group, 1244 County Road 1475, Ashland, OH 44805 USA

Use of a VistaClear system does not, by itself, eliminate the need for proper waterline maintenance. Due to the nature and complex design of dental delivery units, the periodic use of waterline cleaners and antimicrobials is extremely important for proper dental waterline care. For this reason, Vista Research Group, LLC does not make specific bacteria reduction claims for the output water from dental delivery units.