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Multi-Port Drain Adapter


The Ultimate Drain-Space Saver. The DrainHub multi-port drain adapter provides drain connections for sterilizers, instrument washers, water purification systems and more.


The DrainHub multi-port drain adapter accepts up to eight drain connections in one small hub – saving space, cost and time.

  • Installation beside the main drain line can offer maximum flexibility and can be achieved with the use of a simple drain tee adapter fitting.
  • When possible, as in cases of a new construction, it can be beneficial to run parallel drain waste systems to separate waste from the sink from other applicances and devices.
  • When necessary it is possible to install the DrainHub fitting directly in the main drain line under a sink. However, this position can result in more audibly noticeable drainage of waste containing a significant amount of air.

Easy to Install

DrainHub is easy to install, and its 1/2" NPT threaded ports accept a variety of push-to-connect, compression, and hose barb adapter fittings.


Materials & Dimensions

Materials & Dimensions

  • Schedule 40 PVC
  • 1/2" NPT threaded inputs (2, 4 or 8)
  • Top & bottom slip hubs accept 1-1/2" pipe
  • Bottom hub O.D. glues into 2" coupling

Codes & Standards Compliance

  • ASTM D2665 (PVC)
  • ASTM F1498 (Threads)
  • ASME A112.18.2-2015
  • FDA Title 21 Material

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Steri Centre (Vista Research Group video)

DrainHub use and connection options overview.
Play Video

Water in the Steri Centre (Vista Research Group video)

Learn more about the line of Vista products, their use and purpose in the Steri Centre.

Required Fittings

Connection Fitting Part #
VistaPureTM 1 x S4730
VistaCoolTM Single (V7501) 1 x S4730 & 1 x S8218 (straight) or S8318 (elbow)
VistaCool Double (V7502) 2 x S4730 & 1 x S8218 (straight) or S8318 (elbow)
BRAVOTM 1 x S8214 (straight) or S8314 (elbow)
HYDRIM® L110, C61 1 x S8222 (straight) or S8322 (elbow)
StatCleanTM 1 x S8218 (straight) or S8318 (elbow)
- Plug (1/2" NPT) S8015


Part Number Description
DH8200 Drain Hub Fitting Kit
DH154 Drain Hub 4 hole
DH158 Drain Hub 8 hole

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Distributed by: SciCan Ltd. 1440 Don Mills Road, Toronto, ON M3B 3P9

Manufactured by: Crosstex International, Inc., a Cantel Medical Company, 1733 W. Parkside Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85027 / USA