Wash. Rinse. Dry.


Automated Instrument Washing
with SciCan HYDRIM®

In less time than it takes to see a patient, at the push of a button, instruments receive a high quality clean and are actively dried –
ready for sterilization. Hands-free.

Safe Icon

Reduce the risk of sharps injuries

Safer than hand scrubbing and other cleaning methods.

Predictable Icon

Predictable, High Quality Cleaning

Every set of instruments receive the same validated cleaning process.

Hydrim L110W


250 instrument turnover, in as little as 44 minutes, start to dry.

Hydrim C61


120 instruments turnover, in as little as 40 minutes, start to dry.

HYDRIM Automated Instrument Washers do a better job cleaning instruments than can be done by hand, while reducing the risks and time involved in reprocessing instruments –
and increasing efficiency.

Reduce the risks and go hands-free.
Automate your instrument washing.

Hydrim G4