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Filtration System


Demineralization – Ideal for use with HYDRIM Instrument Washer-Disinfectors.


An inferior water quality, caused by substances such as calcium carbonate in the water, can lead to problems such as discoloration and limescale.

  • By demineralizing water, the HYDROS water treatment system improves cleaning results.
  • Demineralized (RO-water) is also recommended by the RKI guideline from 2012 (Hygiene Requirements for the Reprocessing of Medical Devices) for the final rise of the washer-disinfector.


  • Limescale deposits in the machine are prevented, resulting in shining stainless steel instruments and an increased lifespan of the unit.

Easy to Use

  • HYDROS is a resin based water filtration system that is easy to install and to operate. Simple handling – easy exchange of the filter cartridge.

Technical Specifications

Capacity at a carbonate hardness of 10o dH * 5000 l
Operating pressure 6 bar
Water intake temperature 4 – 60°C
Flow at 1 bar pressure loss 850 l/h
Nominal flow 300l/h
Pressure loss at nominal flow 0.45 bar
Dimensions (width/depth/height) 288/255/550 mm
Weight (dry/wet) 18 / 24 kg
Connections (input/output) G1" / G3/4"

*The stated capacity is a guide value only, that may vary by +/- 20% depending on local water quality and machine type.

Order Information

Part Number Description
01-114489 HYDROS complete system set with filter cartridge, hose set and flow meter
01-114450 Replacement filter cartridge


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