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Fully automated space-saving miracle

Compact vacuum autoclave STATIM B G4+ optimises sterilisation processes.

Leutkirch, GERMANY / COLTENE SciCan

Sterilisation is usually the last step in reprocessing, and in the case of instruments needed for critical applications, it is even mandatory. Therefore, correct execution as well as reliable performance of the autoclave is crucial. Flexible autoclaves with modern G4 technology combined with short cycles and a variety of digital functions.

Sterilisation in as little as 27 minutes

Thanks to its smart configuration, the STATIM B G4+ is a high-performance vacuum autoclave that easily meets all current requirements for safety, flexibility, and efficiency. With the aid of modern G4+ Technology and a wide range of digital functions, this EN 13060 compliant steriliser enables the easiest instrument sterilisation of two large cassettes or up to 12 sterilisation pouches in as little as 27 minutes, which includes drying time. Even textiles can be sterilised in this versatile unit. The well thought-out design of the STATIM B G4+ fits seamlessly into all existing sterilisation rooms. With this compact space-saving miracle, SciCan continues the success story and legacy of the internationally renowned STATIM cassette autoclaves.

Communicative and intuitive to use

The STATIM B G4+ has a large, 5-inch LCD touch screen. With an easy-to-clean glass surface and straightforward icon menu, it is easy to operate even with gloves on. The eye-catching LED light band around the display shows users in passing whether the unit is still running or if the current cycle has already been completed.

Users manage a host of other useful functions in their very personal customer portal on the device itself: Video tutorials conveniently guide them through simple maintenance tasks. Saved records can also be effortlessly supplemented with additional details. The smart technology allows for traceable load release as well as printing of bar codes. The WiFi-enabled connectivity of the STATIM B G4+ ensures protected data transfer and continuously fast user interface software updates. With the practical remote technical support, trained technicians can access the device remotely directly after the practice has given its approval with the unique one-time access code provided. This effectively minimises or even completely avoids unnecessary downtimes in everyday practice.

Saving time prior to office opening

The actual sterilisation process runs just as smoothly. The options for pre-heating and delayed starts save valuable time; for example when running Helix, vacuum or Bowie-Dick test cycles directly prior to the office opening for the day. Sensors also monitor the water level and quality in the built-in water reservoir. In addition to standard manual filling and emptying, these processes can also be configured to be automated as desired. Thanks to all these features, the individual workflow of your own practice is even more optimised.

First major appearance in Cologne

Interested dentists and their teams can find out about the various revolutionary options of STATIM B G4+ for the first time at the IDS in Hall 10.2, Booth P010 R011. Further details on this new vacuum autoclave are available at STATIM B G4+ will officially be available for purchase in Autumn 2021. SciCan’s comprehensive service naturally includes personal advice and training on all products from the infection prevention range.