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hm 850/880 DC-V

Automated Rotary Heat Sealers

hm 850/880 DC-V

hm 850/880 DC-V rotary heat sealers automatically seal pouches and reels, in MDRDs and sterile packaging facilities, and records critical sealing parameters for validation purposes.

The device can print all normatively requested information directly on the packaging during the sealing process (batch data, lot number, packaging date/time, product information).

Fast and reliable, hm 850/880 DC-V are essential partners for sterile goods packaging.


Smart and professional packaging

  • Microprocessor controlled printer with a one-line printout
    FontMaticsTM1 - automatically adjusts font size based on pouch size
  • IntelligentScan Technology – configures unit based on barcode scans
  • PC Interface RS232 for process and batch documentation
  • Ethernet and USB ports (available for hm 880 DC-V)

Reliable sealing

Consistent and reproducible sealing process

  • HawoflexTM sealing system - automatically adapts to the packaging type (i.e. pouches of different thicknesses or even side gusseted pouches.)
  • Automatic switch-off if the sealing temperature deviates from the set value
  • High capacity due to rotary mode and sealing speed of 10 m/min
  • Suitable for all sealable pouches and reels according to ISO 11607-1 (e.g. medical grade paper, Tyvek®, nonwoven, etc.); gusseted pouches and reels, aluminum-laminate film
  • Two line LCD display and membrane keypad


Power Supply and Mechanical Data
Electrical connections 100/115/230 V / 50/60 Hz, 400W
Dimensions w x d x h (incl. infeed section) 710 x 260 x 240 mm
Weight 23 kg (21kg for hm 880 DC-V)
Casing cover Stainless steel AISI 304
Sealing system HawoflexTM
Sealing distance from edge 0-35 mm
Seal seam width 12 mm
Distance to medical product (DIN 58953-7) > 30 mm


Sealing Materials
All sealable gusseted pouches and reels according
ISO 11607-1
(e.g. medical grade paper, Tyvek®, nonwoven, etc.)
Aluminium-laminate film X


Electronic Features and Communication
Display and keypad 2-lined LCD / Membrane keypad
PC interface RS 232
(for process and batch documentation systems) (Ethernet and USB for hm 880 DC-V only)


Control Functions in Accordance with ISO 11607-2
Sealing process automatic/reproducible
Validatable process (ISO 11607-2) X
Process parameter monitored:
Sealing temperature X (max. 220 °C)
Contact pressure X (100 N)
Printout of process parameters (Seal Check-function) X
Sealing speed (dwell) 10 m/min (monitored on hm 880 DC-V only)


Printer Functions with Integrated Printer
Printout single line
FontMatic (automatic adjustment of font size to film width) X (for hm 880 DC-V only)


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1 Available for hm 880 DC-V

Manufactured by Hawo GmbH Obere Au 2-4, 74847 Obrigheim Germany

Tyvek® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company. HawoflexTM and FontMaticTM are trademarks of Hawo GmbH.