Electric Motor Systems

Compact, powerful and versatile


Products in the E-STATIS Family come equipped with the advanced E-STATIS SLM motor (Short, LED, Micromotor) with a motor length of 2.6” and a weight of only 62 grams.


Advantage System


E-STATIS Advantage control unit
(w/ endodontic torque control) and
E-STATIS SLM Motor LED Micromotor.

E-STATIS Advantage

Prep System


E-STATIS Prep control unit and
E-STATIS SLM Motor LED Micromotor.

E-STATIS Prep System


Compatible with e-style attachments and offers a range of customizable settings for all high speed, low speed, and endodontic procedures (only E-STATIS Advantage), all in one system.


With unparalleled power and precision compared to air driven handpieces, procedure time is shorter for increased productivity.


The E-STATIS system can convert most traditional dental units into a highly functioning and productive unit with electric handpiece capabilities.

User friendly display menu

  • Customizable operative modes.
  • Displays actual bur rotational speed.
  • Light on/off.
  • Presets of all common handpiece transmissions plus two customizable presets.
  • 5 customizable endo settings (only E-STATIS Advantage).
  • Programmable motor torque accommodates all rotary file requirements (only E-STATIS Advantage).

Products in the E-STATIS family come equipped with the advanced E-STATIS SLM motor

  • Three year warranty.
  • Fully autoclavable.
  • Brushless technology – greatly reduces service requirements.
  • One of the shortest & lightest torque-controlled dental motors in the world – weighs only 62 grams.
  • Adjustable LED light for unsurpassed visibility.


Advantage Prep
Motor speed range 100 – 40,000 min -1 2,000 to 40,000 min -1
Power Supply 120 W 120 W
Motor voltage max 22 V AC max 22 V AC
Torque max 3.5 Ncm max 3.0 Ncm
Operation current of the LED max 250mA max 250mA
Air outlet of the coupling (cooling air) 3.5 – 8 NL/min 3.5 – 8 NL/min
Spray air pressure 1 – 2.5 bar / 14.5 – 36.2 psi 1 – 2.5 bar / 14.5 – 36.2 psi
Weight (motor only) 62g 62g
Dimensions control unit 4.33 x 2.99 x 6.89 inch
(110 x 76 x 175 mm)
4.33 x 2.99 x 6.89 inch
(110 x 76 x 175 mm)
Dimensions motor 1.25 x 0.87 inch
(31.7 x 22 mm)
1.25 x 0.87 inch
(31.7 x 22 mm)
Rotation clockwise / counter clockwise clockwise / counter clockwise
Connection of attachments ISO 3964 ISO 3964
# of Presets 3 x prep, 5 x endo 8 x prep

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