Handle Hygiene®

Automatic Door Handle Sanitizing System

Handle Hygiene

Contaminated surfaces are greatly responsible for the spread of germs on healthcare professionals’ hands. Door handles, in particular, are a well-documented breeding ground for pathogens.

Handle Hygiene is an easy-to-install, mechanical automatic disinfectant dispenser system which easily fits on most door handles. Every time a door is used, the system delivers a mist of disinfectant on the handle, sanitizing it after each opening, significantly reducing the risks of cross-contamination.


Effective and Safe Disinfection

  • Handle Hygiene disinfectant safely inactivates 99.9% of common viruses and bacteria, including MRSA
  • Works as a traditional hand sanitizer upon contact with the product


Simple to install

  • Does not contain any pressurized gas, nor requires specific maintenance or batteries
  • Only the simple replacement of the disinfectant cartridge is required
  • Compatible for most types of door handles
Handle Hygiene




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Handle Hygiene® is a registered trademark of Clever Hygiene Solutions Ltd.