Large Capacity Pass-Through Endoscope Reprocessor


The INNOVA E5 CMS Efficiency+ redefines endoscope reprocessing with its ability to simultaneously reprocess four endoscopes. Designed to greatly reduce the consumption of water and chemicals, it allows hospitals to realize substantial savings while sustaining the highest turnaround of endoscopes.

Fast reprocessing

Optimal turnaround on even your busiest of days

  • Process up to 4 endoscopes per cycle
  • Complete reprocessing in 37 minutes1 (including washing and high level disinfection)
  • Suitable for all common endoscopes types and sizes2

Space Saving

Unrivalled space/capacity ratio

  • Process four endoscopes within 1.4m
  • Pass-through design reduces cross-contamination risks by separating clean and soiled areas


Smart channel monitoring, traceability and support

  • Precise flow monitoring into each endoscope channel
  • Detect blockages and any other causes that could compromise proper cleaning and disinfection of the device
  • User and endoscope barcode identification and traceability
  • Option for internet based remote maintenance with live support


Meet the highest hygiene standards

  • Fully complies with ISO 15883-1/-4
  • Thermal disinfection of the washing chamber at 90°C to prevent biofilm build-up
  • Single-use chemistry


Capacity 4 endoscopes
Dimensions Free-standing unit W/H/D 1400 x 2000 x 840 mm
Wash chamber W/H/D 650 x 625 x 680 mm
Material  Stainless steel AISI 304
Weight 175kg
Electric connection 208V, 3 ph, 60Hz, 40A
Water connections Cold Water DN 20 ; 2-5 bar
Warm Water DN 20 ; 2-5 bar
Di water DN 20 ; 2-5 bar
Drain DN 50
Compressed Air DN 10 ; 2 bar
Exhaust connection DN 150
DI Water Boiler Optional
Leak Test Device Automatic
Connectivity RS232 interface for communication with PC Connection possibility for barcode reader and printer interface LCD Display with indication of program parameters and error codes




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1 The cycle time can vary depending on processing parameters e.g. incoming water quality and temperature, chemicals used etc

2 The AER manufacturer does not guarantee the compatibility of the washer-disinfector with all endoscope models.

Manufactured by BHT Hygienetechnik GmbH Messerschmittstrasse 11, 86368 Gersthofen Germany

Innova® is a registered trademark of BHT Hygienetechnik GmbH.