Oxidizing Chemicals Adsorption Unit


eCHEM OX Sentinel is a mobile chemical air pollutants adsorption unit specifically developed to remove oxidizing chemicals such as peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide. Common applications include endoscopy reprocessing rooms and Medical Device Reprocessing Departments (MDRD). eCHEM OX units rapidly reduce the concentration of chemical compounds in the air and improve the safety and comfort of department staff.


Fast and efficient removal of oxidizing chemicals

  • Rapid impact on room air quality for the protection of the workers
  • Very quiet, high capacity fan
  • Combination of adsorption modules and mechanical filtration retain chemical fumes (e.g. peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide)


Simple to set-up, use and maintain

  • Intuitive touchscreen interface allows for setting modes and timers
  • Simple maintenance with easy to replace filtration modules provides consistent performance over time
  • Caster wheels for precision placement and mobility


Power supply 120 V 50/60 Hz
Electrical protection Isolated by removable power cable Ph + N bipolar switch with fuses
Volumetric flow rates 4 ventilation settings: 600 m3/ h, 800 m3/ h, 1,200 m3/ h and 1, 800 m3/ h
(maximum flow rate and unused pre-filter)
Sound levels 1 m from the unit
(unused pre-filter) as per ISO 3744
600 m3/ h - 38 dB(A) 800 m3/ h - 42 dB(A) 1,200 m3/ h - 49 dB(A) 1,800 m3/ h - 58 dB(A)
Sound levels 2 m from the unit
(unused pre-filter) as per ISO 3744
600 m3/ h - 34 dB(A) 800 m3/ h - 38 dB(A) 1,200 m3/ h - 45 dB(A) 1,800 m3/ h - 54 dB(A)
Air handling capacity
(volume of room)
Potentially all volumes depending on initial specifications and desired air quality
Optimal to less than 60 m3
Water / solid protection Complete device IP40
Control panel Waterproof keyboard
Overall dimensions H 1,500 x L 700 x D 442 mm
Ground support
(Offset swivel casters)
Small side 271 x 544 mm
Large side 399 x 672 mm
Weight 94 kg
Maximum floor load 491 kg/m2 (ground support 335 x 608 mm)
Environmental operating range Temperature +5 °C to +35 °C
Relative humidity < 99 %
Environmental storage range Temperature 0 °C to 45 °C
Relative humidity 20 % to 90 %
Dust < 1 mg/m3




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