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Multiflex® style coupler for STATIS® high speed handpieces.

Connex Coupler

When connected, the STATIS turbines can be swiveled through a full 360o, without tension in your wrist, and without tubings becoming twisted.

The coupler also contains a non-return valve to prevent contaminated water from returning to the dental tubing and unit. All couplings have a hardened snap ring for easy handpiece connection and are made from the highest-quality stainless steel to avoid corrosion.

SciCan LED bulb

Now you can easily update your CONNEX L to a CONNEX LED by buying the SciCan LED. You don’t have to buy a new coupling and there is no downtime or repair time required - you can exchange the LED in your practice!


  • 6 pin MULTIflex®-style coupling with LED,
  • Item No. S10010


Part Number Description
No. S150310 SciCan LED Mat.
No. S150102 Replacement Incandescent Bulb Mat.
No. S150002 O-rings Mat.
No. S150202 Tightening Tool for CONNEX Mat.

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CONNEX LED Distributed by: SciCan GmbH, Wangener Strasse 78, 88299 Leutkirch, GERMANY

CONNEX LED Manufactured by: SycoTec GmbH & Co. KG Wangener Strasse 78 88299 Leutkirch GERMANY

Multiflex is a registered trademark of KaVo Dental
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